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We can never say it enough, THANK YOU to our wonderful donors. We would not be able to continue our mission without you. Are you or your company ready to join us in making a difference? Visit our donation page to help today!
RCI Foundation Canada Donors
Cornerstone Society
Soprema Canada, Inc.

Albert & Mary Beth Duwyn
Flynn Canada

Trimstyle Consulting, Inc. (John Pitre, Owner)


Convoy Construction Materials

Bob & Vicki Elsdon

Flynn Canada

Ontario Chapter of IIBEC


Wells Klein Consulting Group, Inc.
Western Canada Chapter of IIBEC
Fishburn Building Sciences Group

Beacon Roofing Supply Canada Company and Coca-Cola Canada Calysta Consulting                                                                         
Canadian Prairies Chapter of IIBEC
Firestone Building Products                                                           
Jean-Guy & Laura Levaque
Marc & Lydia Allaire
Ted and Karen Sheridan

Westcoast Roof Inspection Services, Ltd.
Colin & Gail Donaldson
Inter-Provincial Roof Consultants, Ltd.
Glenda Mantle
Module RTS
Ralph Paroli                                                                               
Preferred Consulting and Roof Management
Schreiber Brothers Roofing, Ltd.                                                
Thaler Metal Industries

Blair Bennett
Bruce English                                                                               
Jennifer Hogan
Paul & Kathy Kompauer
Paul Levaque
RMIS Engineering
Katherine Spavins
Ken Yoon
Richard Voyer
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The RCI Foundation Canada has gained approval from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a recognized charitable organization.  As such, all donations may be tax-deductible as specified by law. Please contact your tax advisor for additional information.